Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Still Rising.

I should have been having a nice lazy day off work, but instead, I've been trying to salvage what is left of the garden. I've removed the greenhouse tent and anything else which is mobile to higher ground. I fear that most of the hard work of this year has been in vain. At least the flood water will fertilise the soil. All my winter vegetables are now submerged and my Mediterannean herb garden has sunk like Atlantis.

Those logs used to be the boarders of the raised beds

Bye, bye all nice things that I planted.

If only broccoli could swim.

Sunshine, but there is more rain to come

Lolly is being evacuated tonight and will stay with my parents in Oxford. Luckily for us, Steve from Polgara (see Smiles link on the right), works for the EA and has us on flood alert. We've been advised to pack a bag ready in case we have to leave as more water is expected this way. That could leave us stranded on the boat. On the bright side, at least our homes float and we don't have to toil with the sand bags like many others.

Lolly isn't so keen on all this water.

The Boater's Garden. Part Four.